MorWater Solutions LLC will invent, produce, and deliver innovative environmentally friendly products for industries that will conserve water while enhancing productivity; assist with in field research; and deliver products with superior customer service





RAINDROPS is an innovative patented product containing surfactants and humectants that improves water penetration and holding capacity



FIRESUPPRESS is a class A & B foam used by firefighters to knockdown fires, create fire breaks, and expedite mop up operations



DUSTSUPPRESS increases the rate and uniformity of water penetration into all dirt types



ROADMOISTURE 2.5 is primarily used in road bed preparation for paving new roads. RoadMoisture 2.5 has been tested by third party sources with evidence to prove a 60% reduction of water usage and a 60% reduction of “shovel time” while sites are being preparedRoad Stabilization